The light…

“Lighthouse” has been released in October 2010. First album, with the band re-united at last. This is Shiny Darkness debut album.


The 2020 fully remastered and refreshed edition of LightHouse, our debut album is out! Head over to the store to get your copy.


A long break

“Lighthouse” is the album of the reunification.

This is our first album after a long time apart. What really re-united the members have been the shows, more than the album itself. With so much pleasure to play the tracks live, we have to admit that something happened.

I am so far you are so close, the distance keeps changing
You are so far I am so close, dark tunnel so temptingSo Far So Close

Track listing


    • Like a Vampire
    • Not Human
    • Gone
    • Isolation Room
    • The End of My Days
    • Temple of the Hill
    • So Far So Close
    • Promises
    • Aim That Lighthouse
    • See You In Next Life
    • Song For Titles
    • As Nostalgia

Bonus tracks


    • Promises (Hang Over Mix)
    • Gone (Left Hand Mix)
    • See You In Next Life (Courtyard Mix)


Listen to some highlighted tracks from “Lighthouse”:

So Far So Close




See You In Next Life

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