New Substance


New Substance

Electronic. Acoustic. Soulful.

This is “New Substance”. While the name of the album is the name of our original band, the content does not compare. Time has past. Oceans of notes were played. Electrons have flown over the wires.

But I know “we’ll be eternal”  [Fields of Love]. I know “I will need you in my heaven” [Mother]. Even if “Suspicious behaviour” [The Course of The Story] finally leads us to “build another time in another world” [Another World].

Embrace life, “Step out of your body and fly away” [Go Outside], and smell the “Black Roses” [Les Roses Noires]. “I have to touch you now” [Sensual Mind], “I see a daemon in your eyes” [All the Time], so… “Don’t Make Me Regret It”.

Ambiguity. Dual Core. This is “New Substance”.


Available in the Shiny Darkness store.

Track listing

    • The Fields Of Love
    • Mother
    • The Course Of The Story
    • Another World
    • Go Outside
    • Les Roses Noires
    • All The Time
    • Sensual Mind
    • Frozen Heart
    • Dolphin
    • Don’t Make Me Regret It
    • Your Eyes
    • Holy Ghost
    • Another World – Geoff Pinckney Mix
    • Mother – Spacebuoy Intergalactic Mix


As music is always better than a thousand words, enjoy those abstracts…


Les Roses Noires