Shiny Darkness synthed in Hambourg@ Maria’s Ballroom!

9/02/2013, a date to remember.

This was our first gig in Germany, and Hamburg was the most perfect city for that!!

Maria’s ballroom proved to be the perfect venue for this “start”

Cosy , yet highly professional, the venue from the beginning, together with the owners, radiated a warmth and a sense of belonging.


We arrived in with a perfect welcome, and from the backstage to the stage itself everything was impeccable.


We were so happy to see most of our German fans, who were waiting for a gig in Germany for a very long time!

The setlist did not disappoint, as we included many songs from “Lighthouse” as well as  a good selection from “My angel has spoken”. Michaela, our german manager, joined us on stage for “Prayer for my imaginary world”, making it possible for us to recreate the remix- where she actually takes part in the recording- on stage.

Thank you all for coming and for giving us such a special night!!

Next stop: Barcelona!!!!!



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