“Superb” Radio Interview and Live @The Bridgehouse II

Keyboards on the train…… !! No! In the car…. After a good night at Caterham, here we go at 6am, on the way to Phoenix FM!

Rob and his head cold (!) welcomed us warmly in the studio. We set up rather quickly while listening to some of the finest tunes, by mr Rob Harvey himself..

We were all in a rather good mood, even if it was bright early, we were already dancing in the studio. Small and concise interview, and then in between LIVE.

We played three of our favourite tunes, “Bitter kiss”, “The Sound of Basildon”, and “Prayer for my imaginary World”.

You can listen to it again here:


Here we go … on the way back to rest before the big night!

Bridgehouse II is an impressive venue , with sound and light equipment that left us not at all dissapointed!

Friends Electric, Gary Numan Tribute, started the night putting people into a dark dance mood, warming everyone up, with their well polished and perfectly executed setlist.

It was our turn now! ¬†With everyone warmed up it was not hard to have them dancing to our tunes! We played a full set from “My angel Has Spoken” with some “Lightouse” injections, and in the encore we played one acoustic version of “Temple on the Hill” and “Mad World” as performed by Gary Jules.

Overall we had a great day and night meeting old friends and making new ones….

Next Stop: Belgium!



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