Highlights is what is usually called a “Best Of”. We are not sure about calling it a best of, because we strongly believe that we all have a different set of tracks which we love. It’s very personal. In any case, 10 years, 7 albums, more than a hundred gigs in Europe and countless moments of fun and creation sharing. We decided to put all of these elements in two collectors Boxsets that will not disappoint.

Boxset 1

With only 48 copies, this boxset contains

  • a Glossy 24page Photobook
  • a CD compilation with 18 tracks
  • 7 singles in 7″ vinyl:
    • Lighthouse (black vinyl)
    • My Angel Has Spoken (clear white vinyl)
    • New Substance (black vinyl)
    • Season 4 (clear white Vinyl)
    • Oddities For Sophisticated Betrayal (black vinyl)
    • Generation X (clear white vinyl)
    • Attractive (black vinyl)

Boxset 2

With only 48 copies, this boxset contains

  • a Glossy 24page Photobook2 (different from boxset 1)
  • a CD compilation with 18 tracks,
  • a special T-Shirt “Highlights”,
  • 4 Handcrafted wooden coasters



If you prefer the CD, it is also available from our store.

    • See you in next life
    • Gone
    • Promises
    • Bitter kiss
    • Moments
    • Highs and lows
    • Mother
    • Another world
    • The place
    • You can travel the world
    • We were the kings
    • Stars and scars
    • Get out
    • Rock’n roll pride
    • Brain strain
    • In the silence
    • X-Ray
    • Voyage epilogue