End of tour – start of a new journey!

The My angel Has Spoken Tour, has officially ended with our last performance at the Synthage festival!!
We would like to thank all the people that stood by our side and helped us in various ways.

Special thanks to our tour manager mr Lee Sargent, the whole i-Synth I team, Michaela Fastenow and Joern that helped us with our gigs in Germany, to XMS team for alll their help.

DJ Dan Martín for introducing us to beautiful Spain not only in this tour, but for the last 3 years!! By his side always Marta Cot Prat and her husband to support us and offer their hospitality!

Then special thanks to dj Der Gregolini Sampler and Ebmnator Sampler for their dj sets, for the gigs they invited us to play in and for their support on their radio show!
Pierre Commere and all the Cultura team, for promoting our CDs , and for hosting our showcases as well as the isynth I showcase!
Grégory Dailliet, for playing us on his show!

And last but not least to all of you that attended this tour, many times by coming with us all around Europe!!!
For the moment we are in studio finishing up our third album, and preparing our next tour!!

Soon a song for you to come???!

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