the B52, Belgium , XMS and Shiny Darkness

Friday night, and on our way to Belgium! Strangely, even if we are one breath away from Belgium, this was our first appearance here… And what a good choice!

The B52 is a finely organized, and though professional, a very friendly and warm venue.

Everything was proper, so the soundcheck went smoothly….and with a lot of beer….

XMS started the show dynamically, and gave the right edge and the right spirit, to get the night going.

We were on stage very happy as the warm audience, gave us a big boost…

We finished our set, My Angel Has Spoken with a taste of Lighthouse, and then went on playing covers, of our favorite Depeche Mode songs… The result… 2 and a half hours on stage!

We finished the night exhausted but with a big smile on our faces!

Next stop……..BARCELONA!

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