Season 4


Season 4

Our new album, “Season 4” is here!

As you may already have heard on the “Grant Me One More Day EP“, Season 4 is quite a departure from all previous 3 albums.
Compared to our last album, “New Substance“, we still have lots of synths – which we love. And we also have a much different production, thanks to the collaboration with Geoff Pinckney. Working with Geoff has not only been lots of fun, but he was able to give the tracks a brand new dimension. Sebastien’s voice is much more present. The synths fly all around. The mix is punchy. It has grain. It’s also very moving.

Season 4 Album Cover

Head to our store and order your copy of “Season 4” now! The album is also available on all official digital download platforms – Google Play Store and iTunes.

Track listing

    • The Place
    • You Can Travel The World
    • Grant Me One More Day
    • Dirty Morning
    • Collection of Broken Things
    • Black Swan
    • Life Is No Toy
    • The Secrets I Kept
    • My Lady Is The Night

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For a sneak pick of the album, check out album abstracts.
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